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Aiming at “serving the country, prospering Hong Kong, and benefiting the world”, “China Overseas Investment Summit” is held against the context of the proposal to accelerate the implementation of the “go global” strategy under the state “12th Five-year Plan”, to implement the 36 policies to benefit Hong Kong announced by vice premier Li Keqiang on behalf of the Central People’s Government of China when visiting Hong Kong, and to actively push Hong Kong forward to shift its functions. The first China Overseas Investment Summit, held successfully in Hong Kong during November 15-16, 2011, was hosted by Hong Kong China Chamber of Commerce, fully covered by CCTV financial channel as the strategic partner, and sponsored exclusively by King Wai Holdings. The Central Government of China set great store by and fully confirmed the first summit, and Chinese vice premier Li Keqiang made an important instruction. Peng Qinghua, head of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR, read out the instruction, Huang Mengfu and Wang Zhongyu, two CPPCC vice chairmen, presented and addressed the summit in person. Lin Ruilin, Acting Chief Executive of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lv Xinhua, special appointee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Special Appointee Office in Hong Kong, attended the summit and each delivered a speech. Over ten ministerial-level leaders attended and addressed the summit.
  Held annually, China Overseas Investment Summit aims at building itself into a world-level internationalized platform for the exchange and connection of Chinese and foreign investments; serving as a platform for the insiders to exchange ideas on the national policies and investment situations, for the Chinese investors to get engaged in foreign projects and for the investors to discuss and communicate with government officials and scholars; and playing a greater role in the implementation of the state “go global” strategy.
  The second China Overseas Investment Summit is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center from August 22-23, 2012.  
Huang Mengfu
Huang Mengfu
Vice Chairman of Chinese
People's Political
Consultative Conference;
Chairman of All China
Federation of Industry and
Wang Zhongyu
Wang Zhongyu
Executive Vice Chairman
of the 10th Session of
Chinese People's Political
Consultative Conference;
President of China
Enterprise Confederation
Chan Kingwai
Executive Chairman
Chan Kingwai
Member of the National
Committee of CPPCC;
Chairman of Hong Kong
China Chamber of
Commerce; President of
King Wai Holdings
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